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Ube Purple Yam Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

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Ube Purple yam is a plant native to Sri Lanka that is also popular in the Philippines. Purple Ube yam is how it’s known in the Philippines. It is a climber that can reach a height of 25 meters with the help of a supporting tree. It thrives in tropical and subtropical environments. The yam root of this plant is tumorous. The leaves are enormous and heart-shaped, just like betel leaves. The veins are black. Purple stem with a square form and a slick surface.

Purple yams are dark brown in hue, with white, yellow, and purple flesh on the interior. This flavor is used in ice cream, milk, Swiss rolls, cookies, cakes, and other pastries in the Philippines

Ube Purple Yam Contains the Following Nutrients:

The key nutrients are Copper (20.00 %), Vitamin Carbohydrate (21.45 %), Vitamin C (19.00 %), and Potassium (17.36 %), B6 (22.31 %).

Ube Purple Yam Cultivation:

On wet days, we should start planting. In a big pot, plant a tuber slip. Water yams once every five days at the very least, and check soil moisture every day. Feed them for up to four weeks after planting. Apply 1-inch-high-band fertilizers.

Remove and destroy the brown-coloured bulbils that emerge along with the vines over the summer to keep the plant from self-propagating.

After the vine has ceased growing, harvest the tubers in late July. Replant 2 feet apart and 2 inches deep in the same bed if you want to replant.

Ube Purple Yam Health Benefits:


Because it includes fiber and pectin, it aids digestion. Both of these things will help in appropriate digestion. As a result, it will protect us against indigestion and constipation.


Purple yam lowers blood pressure. Because it includes anthocyanins, it will keep your blood pressure under control.

Defends the Liver:

Anthocyanins in the root will be extracted. The production of liver scar tissue and liver cell damage may be minimized due to this extract.


Blood Circulation:

Purple pigments in purple yam help to circulate blood throughout the body. It is anti-oxidant in nature. Blood clots will not form as a result. The blood circulation improves. Clear.


Purple yam has anti-cancer properties. Cancer is a deadly disease that causes excruciating suffering. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments cause increased pain and discomfort. Daily use of yam boosts immune and helps to prevent cancer to some extent. Colon cancer can be avoided by eating yam. Vitamin A found in yam helps to prevent cancers of the mouth and lungs.

Asthma Treatment:

Asthma is cause by the inability of the pulmonary organs to expand. Purple yam should be consume daily. It is pretty effective in curing asthma.


Purple yam has a lot of antimicrobial properties. As a result, adding it to your regular diet can help you overcome all bacterial issues.


Carbohydrates are abundant in purple yam. It has a significant amount of it. Purple color can use as a food coloring component.

Copper And Iron:

Copper and iron are found in purple yam, which aids in preventing anemia. It also helps the kidneys, spleen, and pancreas to cleanse.

Ube Purple Yam Side Effects and Allergies:

It should be avoid by breastfeeding or nursing mothers because it fatal to the infant. You should prevent yam if you have uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, or breast cancer. Yam should be avoid by people who have a protein S deficiency since it can induce blood clots.


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