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Is This the Best Indoor Cycling App?

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Are you thinking about getting fit from fat? One of the easiest ways to get fit is to start doing aerobic exercises. Of all the aerobics, the easiest and most complete exercise is cycling. Cycling is a non-impact exercise that doesn’t cause any impacts and hence injuries on the joints. 

If you are starting to cycle then it is advisable to start from your home itself. Since early days of cycling can be tiring, it is better to start cycling on a stationary cycle in your room. You can also use an Indoor cycling app to guide you and help you in the early days of cycling. 

Vingo – A Complete Physical Fitness App

There are many apps in the market that provide fitness solutions but not many have a number of good features like Vingo. A few that come with similar features are all priced at a heavy premium and hence they are not recommended. Vingo comes with a plethora of features like virtual reality ready interface, complete tracking, social connectivity, multiple device usage, etc. 

On top of all these features, you can use the app for both indoor cycling and running too. Whether you prefer walking on a treadmill or cycling in a stationary cycle, the app is perfect for your use case.

Virtual Reality to Augment Your Experience

The app uses virtual reality to create the exciting world of Vingo. Inside the world of Vingo, you can explore new places and locations. Many of the maps are modelled on the basis of real cities. So, whether you want to explore a city or just want to take a hike in adventurous places, you can start it easily with the app. 

Virtual reality makes you experience things like they happen in reality. So, next time, when you are running inside your home, you will not even feel like working out indoors. What is more engaging is, you can even create your own avatar for your profile. So, you look the same even in the virtual world.

Track Your Daily Activity 

Tracking your activity plays an important role in ensuring physical fitness. No matter how interested you are, if you are not regular in your cycling sessions, the result will not be visible. So, always ensure that you track the activity. 

When you track your cycling sessions, the amount of time that you spend daily, the average number of kilometres that you cycle, the rate at which you finish a kilometre, and other information like your calorie intake, water intake, etc., you will be able to take the required actions. 

Vingo app can be easily connected with modern cycles with bluetooth. Or you can also use ANT+ sensors to connect your old cycles with the app. This makes your ordinary cycle a complete exercise and experience equipment. With Vingo, you can start exploring new cities, make new friends and create more value as you cycle in the virtual world.

So, what are you waiting for? Vingo is the best app for elevating your online cycling experience.

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