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How to Start Running: A Complete Guide for Beginners

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Decided that it’s time to get off the couch and finally get in shape? No need to wait for Monday – start now! This short course for the young runner will help you figure out how to beat your own laziness and where to start running.

Proper Preparation Is the Key to Success

The first thing is to study the material, set a specific goal and, based on it, think through a training plan for at least a week, or better for a month. Want to start running to lose weight? Need to tighten your muscles? Want to become a professional athlete and be a person to bet on via 22Bet? Or maybe you dream of the laurels of a marathon runner? All this is quite realistic if you make a competent schedule of activities and stick to it clearly.

Preparatory work involves addressing the following questions:

  • How to believe in yourself and cope with fears.
  • What clothes and shoes to choose.
  • Where, when and how much to run, so as not to abandon this activity after a couple of days.
  • What to eat/drink before, during and after a workout.
  • How to create an appropriate mood.

How to Overcome a Psychological Stagnation

Fear, insecurity, and complexes can be a serious obstacle to jogging, so it’s better to deal with the problem in advance:

  • Are you afraid of exhaustion in the first minutes? Choose the right amount of exercise and increase it gradually to help your body adapt. It doesn’t matter how far you can start – consistency and duration are more important.
  • Shy about running in front of strangers? Trust me, they don’t really care what you do. Of course, you can start working out at home if you have a treadmill, but sooner or later you’ll have to go out, so why not now?

It will be much easier if you find the right company for jogging. A friend or just a like-minded person who is in a similar physical condition will help you cope with uncertainty and will not let you deviate from the intended program.

Choosing Your Outfit

Old stoic sneakers, which you sometimes go out to the nearest supermarket, categorically will not work! The only thing you’ll be able to achieve in them is a persistent pain in the feet because of the incorrect positioning of the foot.

If you have never run, and therefore do not understand sports shoes, it is better to go to a specialized store – they will help you find the right pair. Otherwise, focus on the following criteria:

  • Good cushioning.
  • A strong heel.
  • A breathable material.
  • Adequate size.

With clothes, everything is easier: the main thing is to be comfortable and appropriate to the weather. Leggings or athletic pants, a T-shirt, a hoodie, or a short thin jacket – that’s actually all that must be in the closet of a beginner runner.

Natural clothes are good for everyday wear, but not for running. Cotton quickly gets wet from sweat, so it can deliver discomfort. So, it’s better to give preference to sportswear made of elastane, polyamide, polyester, and other synthetic materials.

Deciding on the Time

There is no single answer to the question of when you can start running: some people can easily endure freezing weather, while others feel like they are at the North Pole. But the optimal seasons for outdoor jogging are spring and summer, of course, without rain. However, nothing prevents you from starting exercising outdoors in winter, the main thing is to choose the right closet.

If the weather outside gives you a quiet terror, think about whether it’s necessary to spoil the impression of the first day of classes. In this case, it’s better to train in a gym or at home, if there is a treadmill.

Decide on the time of day, too, should independently. Focus on your biological clock: it’s easier for larks to get up an hour and a half early and do a workout in the morning – it helps to recharge energy for the whole day. Well, the owls feel more comfortable jogging in the evening – so they can relax and get a good dose of oxygen before going to bed. Don’t force your body – exercise should bring pleasure, only then they will do the trick.

Choosing a Place

The route can be almost anywhere, but it’s worth taking into account the pros and cons of the area:

  • The stadium has an excellent flat surface, on which it is easy and pleasant to run. But exercising there every day can be boring, because the scenery does not change much.
  • City streets are probably the most uncomfortable option. There are a lot of pedestrians that will interfere with the pace, and the air near the highways is not the cleanest. However, sometimes you can run there, especially if there are a lot of things to keep your eyes on.
  • The park is the best fit, especially if it has a trail for jogging. However, in this case, the shoes must be as comfortable and stable as possible – the surface there isn’t the most even.

There is no uniform rule for the choice of place: just choose where you feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can alternate routes, for example, run on weekdays at the stadium, and on weekends go to the park, or vice versa. The main thing is that you do not get bored neither with the monotonous landscape, nor the noise of passing cars.

Top 5 Mistakes of a Beginner Runner

  • Incorrect technique. If you land hard on your heel, knee pain is almost inevitable. Proper running implies gentleness and smoothness, so imagine yourself a graceful cheetah and try not to stomp hard.
  • High tempo running. Choose a comfortable speed at which you can maintain even, deep breathing, because in the beginning the duration of the exercise is more important than the distance covered. The beginning of the run should not be too tiring, otherwise the body will simply refuse to continue.
  • Eating. Running on a full stomach is unhealthy and difficult, and after training, it’s better to postpone a meal for at least half an hour, especially if you want to lose weight. However, for men who build muscle mass, there is a relaxation – they need to restore the protein supply. Women should be more careful with food, as their metabolism is a bit different, and any excessive amounts can be deposited on the hips and stomach immediately after exercise.
  • Drinking regime. When physical activity is just necessary water, so you can and should drink during training. But if you don’t feel like it, you shouldn’t force fluids.
  • Monotony. How to enjoy the process? Arm yourself with comfortable headphones, download to your smartphone more positive tracks or interesting audiobooks – in short, try to bring something new into your daily activities, and then they will stop seeming boring.


Knowing how best to start running can save you from a lot of amateur mistakes, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy and painless. Overcoming difficulties, you will be able to rid your body of lethargy, apathy, and what seemed unreal, in a month will succeed with a bang. Just believe in yourself – this is the most important condition, without which it’s impossible to achieve success!

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