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Net Worth Meaning In Hindi

Net Worth Meaning In Hindi: नेट वर्थ का मतलब या हिन्दी Meaning क्या होता है, यह सवाल बहुत से लोगों के दिमाग मे आता है । Net Worth शब्द हमे बहुत सी जगहों पर सुनने को मिलता है । न्यूज या अखबार में किसी व्यक्ति या कंपनियों के Net Worth के बारे में खबरे आती रहती है, जिसमे किसी व्यक्ति का नेट वर्थ या किसी कंपनी / ग्रुप के Net Worth के बारे में बात की जाती है ।

नेट वर्थ क्या है ? Net Worth Meaning in Hindi

Net Worth का हिन्दी में अर्थ शुद्ध संपत्ति होता है । यह एक गणना होती है जिसमे किसी इकाई की कुल सम्पत्ति (Asset) में से उसकी कुल देनदारी (Liability) को घटाया जाता है, इसके बाद निकलने वाली सम्पत्ति का मूल्य Net Worth कहलाता है।

दूसरे शब्दों में कहे तो Net Worth आपके स्वामित्व की सभी संपत्ति के मूल्य को जोड़कर उसमें से सभी देनदारी यानी खर्च को घटाकर निकलने वाली राशि है ।

Mean estimate of net worth Estimated Net Worth Meaning in Hindi

Many investors evaluate companies by net worth, which helps them understand the company’s financial conditions and identify potential investment opportunities.

High net worth tells about a good financial strength and credit score of a person or company. Similarly low or negative net worth indicates poor economic conditions and low credit score.

नेट वर्थ क्या है _ Net Worth Meaning in Hindi

Net worth is seen by the investors from time to time to know the financial condition of a company, which helps them to take better investment related decisions. The assets, liabilities and financial decisions can be analyzed by taking the net worth and on this basis a policy can be made to meet the financial goals or financial goals.

What is the Formula of Net Worth? Net Worth Formula in Hindi

This formula or formula is commonly used to calculate the net worth of a company, financial institution or individual –

Total assets ( Assets ) – Total liabilities ( Liability ) = Net Worth (Net Worth)

This is the net worth formula from which the net worth of a company, individual or financial institution can be calculated. The net worth of a company is ascertained about the economic condition of that company or entity.

The best way to increase the net worth is to either reduce the liabilities and keep the assets fixed or increase.

Talking about the personal net worth of a person, here also his total assets can be house, other real estate, vehicle / car, jewellery, savings, cash, mutual funds and other assets and any kind of liability or expenses. Loans, Credit Card Bills, Regular expenses etc. are includ.

To calculate your personal net worth or personal net worth, the total liabilities are subtract from the total assets or assets, after which what left is the net worth of the person.

Your Personal Net Worth is a good tool to measure your current financial condition and year to year economic progress. With this you can know your current financial status.

It also shows the speed at which you are progressing towards your financial goal. You can calculate your net worth from time to time and work on your future financial plans.

Finding your Personal Net Worth is very easy. If you find your personal net worth ( Personal Net Worth is to remove) you it would take steps.

List all your properties

Make a list of all your properties and find out their current market value, such as –

Value of your home, real estate

Present value of all your investments

money deposited in bank


your car

business value

other property

Assets include your money, for example your Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposit, Investment Accounts, etc. Apart from this, your car, house, shop, property or other investment also comes in property, which you can sell for money. Such assets are call Liquid Assets.

Business में Net Worth

However, net Worth in a company or business is the difference between its Total Assets and Total Liabilities. Net Worth in business also called Shareholders Equity or Book Value. It is the value of assets after the company has paid all its liabilities.

Net worth is different from the market value of the company. When Assets and Earnings are increasing relative to the company’s Liabilities, Net Worth is increasing.

However, the Net Worth Statement or Balance Sheet of a company made to show the financial condition of the company within a particular time period. It is use by the investors or shareholders to assess the financial strength of the company.

Hope you like this information about Net Worth and its Hindi Meaning. You can also plan your financial goals by knowing your personal net worth.

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