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Master The Art Of Vaping Thc With These 5 Tips

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In the last couple of years, we have seen enormous growth in vaping. The youths are crazy over vapes. There is much variety in vaping nicotine to CBD and THC. Moreover, there are various generations of vaping devices out there. Because of this versatility, most people don’t know the correct technique for vaping THC.

So, in this article, we will see what THC vape is and how to master the art of vaping THC.

What are THC vapes:

As the name indicates, THC vapes are THC-containing vape devices used for inhaling THC liquids. These THC vapes are considered a safer alternative to the traditional method of smoking THC flowers. There are various types of THC vape devices available on the market. The first-generation Cig-A-Likes, second-generation Vape Pens, Third generation Mods, and the latest Pod Mods.

Master The Art Of Vaping Thc With These 5 Tips

How to vape THC:

Depending upon the vape device you use, you can either use it to inhale the vapor like a cigarette or an asthma inhaler. However, most people prefer traditional cigarette smoking. All vape devices run on a similar mechanism, and you can choose either simple vape pens or advanced mods.

Whether disposable or not, all vape devices contain a battery, a cartridge, and an e-liquid. And all you should do is take the lid in your mouth and puff. There are two popular ways to vape, i.e., Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung.

  • Mouth to Lung:

If you are a beginner, then this method will significantly help you. In this method, you need to breathe the vapor into your mouth as with a straw. Once the smoke is inside, keep it there for a moment, and then inhale it into the lungs slowly. After this, exhale the vapor gently; you will find a small vapor cloud exiting your mouth.

While the mouth-to-lung method has less bioavailability, it doesn’t overwhelm your lungs. So, this method is also quite helpful if you want to taste the flavors of your vape.

  • Direct to Lung:

In the Direct to Lung method, users get a more extensive and faster effect. This method is a little advanced and preferred by experienced vape lovers. In this method, users take a single but powerful breath that helps the vapor to reach the lungs directly. In the lungs, the vapor is held for a moment before releasing it back. In direct to lung method, users get large and satisfying vapor clouds.

While beginners may find this method a little overwhelming, this is what gives them a powerful hit for pro users.

Master The Art Of Vaping Thc With These 5 Tips

How to master the art of vaping?

So, now you will be wondering how to level up your game from beginner to pro level. Let’s see, then.

1. Find yourself a starter kit:

All vape devices work on the same principle; however, vaping comes with a little learning curve. So, first of all, you will need basic instructions on how to operate the vaping device.

While with disposable vape devices, you don’t have to worry about anything, refillable vape kits require additional attention. The starter kits come with instructions that will guide you with the help of diagrams on how to use the device. Still, if you get confused about how to refill your device, go for a google search. There is a high chance that you will find the instructions regarding the same machine.

2. Always use compatible e-liquid:

While it isn’t a problem for disposable THC vape devices, e-liquid tanks are an issue for refillable vape devices. THC vapes are available in various flavors and if you want to change the taste, make sure to buy it from the same brand you are using in the vape kit.

It’s because depending upon the vape device you use, the ratio of content needs to be maintained. For example, in a mouth-to-lung vape device, you should compare more than 50% of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Similarly, in the case of Direct lung vape devices, the ratio of VG should be more than 50%.

So, if you aren’t using compatible e-liquid, you will miss the best flavor, cloud production, and THC kick.

3. Keep your device clean:

A clean vape device can upgrade your vaping experience to several notches. Contents of THC vape liquids such as VG and sweeteners can jam the device’s coil. While it isn’t necessary, as the contents of vape oil won’t harm the appliance, the residue buildup can affect your long-term vaping experience.

A clogged coil can lower the vapor production and flavor taste and make the vape taste burnt. Furthermore, cleaning your device can also increase the life of your appliance.

4. Keep a tab on your vaping frequency:

Experts suggest vaping is safer than smoking; however, excess of anything could be dangerous. So, it’s wise to start slowly if you are a beginner. Moreover, vaping is different from traditional smoking; as a vaper, you should steer clear of chain vaping.

It’s wise not to take more than 5-7 draws at a time and keep some gap between the successive draws. That will protect you from sore throat, irrigation, and taste bud burnout. Likewise, it will allow the device to cool off a little.

5. Change your flavors frequently :

Everyone has some favorite flavors to which they like to stick. However, you may develop a vaper’s tongue when you use a taste for too long. Due to this, you might not be able to feel your current flavor. To counter, change your flavors and e-liquid type. That will help you from flavor burnout.


Everyone is different, and so are their vaping choices. As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed settling down on a particular device and flavor. Remember, the experiment is the key, so do experiments with your vape choices.

And for experimenting, always use disposable vape pens, as they are cheap and full of variety. At the same time, keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you will be a master vaper in no time.

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