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Heart Surgeon – In Bangalore, almost 75 percent of patients who experience heart failure reach hospitals late. More than half (60%) of heart patients here have uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is indeed concerning to know that you have to consult with a cardiac surgeon, but it’s a step in the direction of achieving better health. A reputable surgeon guides you through the various decisions regarding your treatment.

top heart surgery hospital in Bangalore with facilities like 16 cardiac operation theatres and six digital Cath Labs is well-suited for performing complex heart surgeries. Given below are some points to consider when choosing a heart surgeon.

Search with a Referral List

Begin your search for finding a qualified heart surgeon with a referral list from your primary healthcare provider or cardiologist. People like your family members and acquaintances can also give you valuable recommendations.

Make a list of all the suggestions. After that, research the credentials and experience of the doctor. As you narrow down the list, make a call to every surgeon’s office and arrange an appointment for a consultation. It will help you find the most suitable one for yourself.

Research the Credentials of the Surgeon

When choosing a heart surgeon for yourself or your near ones, board certification is crucial. This certification showcases that the surgeon has the requisite training, experience, and skills under their belt to execute an effective cardiac surgery.

While researching the surgeon’s credentials, do not forget to know about their history. They should have no instances of malpractices. There should not be any disciplinary actions against them.

You can also determine the heart surgeon’s medical school, the hospital they trained, and certifications on any state website. There you can also find their disciplinary history.

Find the Quality of the Hospital

The quality of care that a hospital provides is of utmost importance. High-quality care helps you to minimize the chances of adverse outcomes. Patients who get their treatment at good facilities experience fewer complications and greater survival rates.

top heart surgery hospital in Bangalore has facilities like 24/7 emergency services, blood bank, ambulance services, cardiac rehabilitation, radiology, and a NABL accredited laboratory. Also, assess the location of the hospital since you’ll have to visit it frequently.

Assess the Communication Style of the Surgeon

It’s essential to find a surgeon with whom you feel comfortable while talking. They should also support all your information requirements. You can gauge the communication style in your first appointment with them.

Ask them questions and notice the way they respond. Find out if they welcome your questions and answer them patiently so you can understand your situation.

If at any point you think that they are rushing the answers or are not responding precisely, do not get treated in their facility. Good cardiac surgeons have an interest in understanding their patients and always take into account their treatment preferences and decisions.

Go Through Reviews of Other Patients

Patient reviews express people’s experience with various things like scheduling appointments, office environments, customer support, and wait times. You can find the patients’ trust in a doctor through the reviews. Going through what others are saying about a doctor will give you insight into how they perform.

These were some ways that’ll help you choose a suitable cardiac surgeon for your family member. Let these points guide you to find a highly qualified professional who will deliver good outcomes.


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