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Movie Theater Cary Nc

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Movie Theater Cary Nc

Movie Theater Cary Nc: The Cary Theater was the city’s first indoor movie theater, opening in 1941. After it closed as a movie theater in 1960, it was used as a clothing store. Recording studio, and auto parts store.

The City of Cary incorporated the old theater into a new community arts center, with new construction immediately adjacent to and within the theater. The new facility, which serves a variety of cultural and performing arts functions, has flexible seating, a balcony and projection facilities. A new marquee has a design that reflects the era of the original theater’s construction. It was reopened on February 14, 2014.

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Three, two, one… action! Paragon Theaters is reopening its Parkside Town Commons location (formerly Frank Theaters CineBowl & Grille) on December 16 after substantial renovations to welcome people back to the big screen.

Web Exclusive

Highlighting a reimagined movie theater experience, theater renovations include the Extreme Theater with tilting screen and laser projection, Dolby Atmos Sound, plush zero-gravity recliners at every seat, Lux Box pod-style VIP areas with full-service mobile ordering for in-dinner theater, plus the addition of Penny Lanes Bowl and Games and The Agency Kitchen and Bar.

And about those Lux Box pod-style loveseats… you’ll never feel uncomfortable sitting down watching a two-hour movie again. They come with privacy wings, adjustable heating and individual retractable tables for a private and luxurious movie experience like no other. And ordering nachos, or, heck, a burger or pizza, is as easy as the touch of a button.

After the movie, the bowling alley and arcade are ready to keep the fun going with bowling (obv) and noteworthy classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man.

“We are excited to bring the best entertainment experience to Cary like never before in North Carolina. Says Mike Whalen, CEO of Paragon Theatres. “Our vision has always been to recreate the place with unique amenities that combine a luxury movie theater. With fine dining and fun entertainment like bowling and games. During last year’s closures. And also, We took time to consider our guests’ post-pandemic expectations and decided to implement these new amenities. Therefore,  At Parkside Town Commons based on those discussions.”

The Paragon Parkside + Xtreme In Cary, North Carolina Is Opening To The Public

Paragon Theaters kicks off its Parkside Town Commons reboot with a special showing of Spider-Man-No Way Home. Plus, all movies are $6 on December 22nd as part of the Paragon Theaters preview price!

The Paragon Parkside + Xtreme In Cary, North Carolina Is Opening To The Public

In addition to showing movies, the venue also has an arcade and bowling alley called Penny Lanes Bowl & Games, which remained open during renovations.

The theater was previously known as Frank Theaters CineBowl & Grille, which closed in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered theaters across the country. And also, Frank Theaters fill for bankruptcy in 2018, causing many of its locations to close or be solds.

To see what’s playing and when, and to purchase tickets online, visit the Paragon Parkside + Xtreme Hours page.

Paragon Theaters operates seven locations, including Paragon Sandhills in Southern Pines. And will add another Cary location in the Fenton development at Cary Towne Boulevard and Trinity Road.

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