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Midori Shoujo Tsubaki Anime Full Movie

Midori Shoujo Tsubaki Anime Full Movie: I am… unsure how to feel about this movie. I feel like there are many things, both good and bad. That I can say about Midori and a lot of different ways it can be interpret. It did turn out better than I expected since I went into it expecting it to be terrible, especially since I first discovered it from a “worst anime of all time” list.

One can already see where this is going based on the premise alone. The main reason this anime tends to be so widely hated, and why it was even banned in Japan and having some of the footage completely destroyed and thus lost forever, is because of just how disturbing it is. Regardless of context, most people will have their limits with what they think should be allowed to be shown in media, and Midori certainly goes far beyond what a lot of people will be able to stand.

It Seems To Be The Typical Reaction To This Anime

The story is about a girl name Midori kidnap by a group of freak show circus performers after her mother falls ill and presumably dies. She is regularly abuse physically, mentally, and even sexually by the rest of the company. Midori is utterly gloomy and nihilistic from start to finish. And any sense of hope that comes her way only exists so that she can be completely shatter.

It Seems To Be The Typical Reaction To This Anime

Midori’s paedophile relationship with a dwarf wizard named Masamitsu is a significant focus. Yes, it’s disgusting, but it’s also understandable why Midori would consent to her considering Masamitsu is the only person who has ever shown her kindness and protected her from the other freaks in the circus. And no, they never try to portray Masamitsu as a good person. As he does some pretty horrible things as a result of jealousy, and it’s clear he’s the abusive type who wants Midori for himself.

However, compared to everyone else, she seems a pretty nice comparison. It would be realistic for someone in Midori’s position to end up feeling that way. Considering how people end up in abusive relationships in real life. Masamitsu is a very nuanced portrayal of a domestic abuser rather than a superficial caricature. And the fact that it stands to reason that Midori likes him despite these things drives home the depressing reality of people in his situation (and yes, some people have been in similar conditions that I have met personally). Aside from Midori and Masamitsu, the rest of the cast isn’t intense, but they aren’t too shallow either.

These Cute Little Guys Get Kill

These Cute Little Guys Get Killed

One may note that this sounds very similar to Lucy’s backstory in the 2004 anime Elfen Lied. This is an accurate observation, but there is a difference between handling them. The latter doesn’t show the cub being killed in graphic detail, while Midori does. I mean this in the sense that all the frames of the deads dogs are display on the screen and are animat. Hell, if you search Google image search for this series. There will be images of a puppy crush under someone’s foot with detailed blood, guts, vomit, and eyeballs pouring out. I choose not to post it here for obvious reasons.

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