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Fall River Movie Theater

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Fall River Movie Theater

Fall River Movie Theater: A hidden gem far from the downtown district on Pleasant Street in the Flint section of Fall River. The Strand Theatre was open before 1927 and was designed by architectural firm J.M. Darling & Son. Seating was provided for 1,564 in orchestra and balcony levels. In 1948 it was remodelled to the plans of architectural firm William Riseman Associates. The interior was gutted and the balcony removed, giving a reduced seating capacity of 1,080.

It was a very family-friendly movie house that always offered 10 -count them – 10 Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes’ cartoons before the double feature. It had lower admission prices than the downtown palaces, even lower than the rowdy Plaza Theatre on North Main Street.

Royal Theatre

The Pastime Theatre was located in a city section known as the “Village”. It was open in 1896. By 1932 it had been renamed Royal Theatre. First-run movies that had run their course in the bigger movie houses now could be seen for less at the Royal Theatre. There were kiddie matinees on Saturday and Sunday afternoons; evenings were for adults. Monday evening was “Ladies Night”, where dishes or towels were given out.

Royal Theatre

The Moniz Family owned the theatre. On Saturday afternoon, for 12 cents, a kid could see a serial, cartoon and two full feature films, one of which was always a western. It got so noisy with so many kids you could hardly hear what the actors were saying. On many an occasion, Mr Moniz would turn up the lights, shut off the movie and walk to the front of the theatre to proclaim, “If you kids don’t keep quiet, I’ll shut the movie off and send you all home”. He never did! Ah, what great times.

The Royal Theatre was still open in 1952 but had closed by 1955. The building was purchase by St. Joseph’s church and downstairs converted to a banquet hall and the upstairs theatre into a basketball court. The church then sold it to a company that made caskets.

The Royal Theatre was plan to be restore as the home of the Youth Musical Theater. But this never happened.

Fall River Movie Theater Is Reopening and Here’s What to Expect

If you have been itching to get back to the movie theatres, Picture Show at SouthCoast Marketplace in Fall River set to open this Friday.

Yes, going to the movies will look much different, and you should probably prepare yourself for what to expect.

Picture Show is taking all the precautions to ensure the safety of their staff and for all that wish to get back to the movies.

Fall River Movie Theater Is Reopening and Here's What to Expect

The staff will undergo wellness checks before each shift, and yes, PPE will be worn by the team at all times.

As a guest at the theatre, you are expect to wear a mask at all times unless under the age of two. Social distancing will be enforce as well.

To limit contact, they are suggesting that you purchase your tickets online. You can also buy concessions at their kiosks on-site. One important thing to remember is they will not be accepting cash, so be sure to bring your credit or debit card.

While I’m so excited to see another business not only opening but going the extra mile to ensure everyone’s safety, I’m still apprehensive about going to the movies. I almost want to buy some tickets to support them but not attend. Granted, it doesn’t seem like any great movies are coming out. And this theatre is showing some classics this weekend, but still, it’s all about the experience.

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