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Bored Of Snoring? 10 Recommendations That May Help You

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Snoring: They can be harmless but annoying and, most notably, for bed partners. Snoring is a reason for discussion, but also fatigue and lack of sleep. Do not despair; some measures can help you cope with the problem. Specific lifestyle changes help eliminate unwanted noises while sleeping.

It is essential to be vigilant, and that snoring is not just guttural noises at rest. If you find yourself short of breath when you wake up or tired during the day, you likely have sleep apnea and need to see a specialist. Sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, among other things, and letting go is not a good thing

What Helps Against Snoring

Avoid Drinking Alcohol Three Hours Before Bed

The consumption of alcoholic beverages causes the muscles in the airways to relax during sleep, and snoring is encouraged

Do Not Take Drugs That Relax The Muscles At Night

Sedatives or sedatives such as alprazolam, clonazepam, diazepam, lorazepam, and alcohol can relax the muscles in the throat and cause snoring.

Lose Weight (Snoring)

A few extra pounds can lead to excess fatty tissue in the throat and pharynx and narrow the airways. Losing weight can help open your airways. While this is a factor that can encourage snoring, some thin people suffer from it.

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No Smoking

Smokers are more likely to snore. Possible reasons are nicotine withdrawal at night, disrupting sleep, and increased swelling and irritation of the upper respiratory tract.

Sleep On Your Side Or Lift Your Head

A pillow that is as long and wide as possible and pressed against the back makes it possible to avoid sleeping on your back and thus to snore less. When lying down, it is always best to do this on your side. Another option is to raise your head with an extra pillow or raise the head of your bed with wooden blocks under your legs.

Some Home Remedies Can Help Cleanse Your Nose

If your nose is clogged with mucus, saline rinses can help. If you have allergies, try avoiding dust mites or use an allergy medication. The problem is inflammation of the tissues of the nose, a humidifier or medication can reduce the inflammation.

 Eat Light And Filling Dinner Before Going To Bed

It is not recommended to fall asleep on a full stomach. Rest probably isn’t the best and can also encourage snoring.

 Dressings Yes Or No?

Using bandages on your nose isn’t scientifically proven to help prevent snoring.

 Prescription Drugs

It depends on the level of snoring or the reasons causing it; there are medications and nasal sprays available to reduce the noise when resting.

Always Consult A Doctor (Snoring)

To rule out complications or pathologies.

Why Does Snoring Occur?

The muscles of the body relax as you sleep. If this relaxation, it can exist that the body is altered by the air and creates another vibration or causes snoring. Therefore, if you lie on your back, you are more likely to snore.

Overweight people often snore, regardless of the sleeping position they choose. In lean patients, the tongue may be caused by a long and thick uvula, large tonsils and language, a deviation in the septum, or, more rarely, pathologies of the palate or larynx. Diagnosing the level of obstruction is a common reason for consultation in the ENT practice.

Men snore more than women. For every four men, two women snore. Menopausal women also tend to snore more. 40% of adults snore at least occasionally, 20% regularly. Up to 10% of children also snore.

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