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 Veera  Movie Download on Palgalwold

Veera  Movie Download

Veera  Movie Download: Veer (Brother) is a 2010 Indian Hindi-language epic action film director Anil Sharma and written by Shailesh Verma and Shaktimaan Talwar base on a Salman Khan narrative. The cast members are Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Salman Khan, Zareen Khan, Sohail Khan, and Rishabh Jain.

Veera  Movie Download on watch online

Veera  Movie Download on Palgalwold

Veer is a film set in the past that has an epic air to it. The film is set in the 1875s  bases on the love tales of a warriors name “Veer” and his clan of fierce 19th-century Pindhari warriors.

A story of extraordinary heroism, fiery pride, and devastating love emerges from the foggy pages of history. As the British use their crafty Divide and Rule tactic to subjugate India, monarchs, and nawabs succumb to their deceit and cunning, entrusting their prized realm to outsiders.

Veer is the bravest, hardest, and most potent of the Pindaris. Envious tribe member, as he takes on the power of the British Empire. But then there’s the matter of the stakes. His love for princess Yashodhara, the daughter of his sworn adversary, is at risk. His desire to revenge his father’s dishonor is at risk.

Cannons boom, swords strike in ferocious combat, and the dead begin to pile up. When the dust settles on the blood-soaked ground, one brave warrior stands head and thanneer mathan dinangal shoulders above them all: Veer! His whole survival is on the line.

Box office – Veera  Movie Download

Veer movie made Rs 410 million net in its first week in India, according to Eros.  Veer was the 9th highest-grossing film in India in 2010, with a lifetime total of Rs 375.2 million (Rs 497.5 million gross).

It had a worldwide gross of Rs 585.8 million ($12,600,000) throughout its career.

Review – Veera  Movie Download

‘Veer,’ Anil Sharma’s magnum opus, has finally its release. Yes,  ‘Veer’ is fantastic entertainment; it’s the epitome of the escapist film! Is it any good, and does it live up to the hype?

Veera  Movie Download

In addition, veer’ inspires the cult masterpiece ‘Taras Bulba,’ and writer Salman Khan acknowledges this. Taking inspiration, on the other hand, is neither a sin nor a violation of the law. And Also, veer’ starts well and finishes strong. Sure, it falters in the middle (the love story becomes tedious after the intermission), but a fantastic conclusion erases any flawssuperhit movies of Bollywood such as Wanted .


Moreover, veer gatecrashes Yashodhara’s Swayamvara after promising his father that he will finish Singh. Gyanendra Singh notices a large army of Pindaris around his fort as he escorts the princess away. He asks the British for assistance, but they reject and unite with the Pindaris to flee Madhavghar. A fight ensues before the British leave, in which the Governor and Gyanendra Singh are murderers. Veer gets hit by a bullet and falls unconscious in his father’s arms. Years later, Veer’s son and Prithvi are seen fighting in a pleasant manner.


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