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Special 26 Movie Watch Online For Free And Download

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Special 26 Movie Watch Online For Free And Download

Special 26 movie is the best Hindi movie I’ve seen this year. Inspired by an actual robbery in 1987, the writer and director Neeraj Pandey constructed an elaborate cat-and-mouse chase between police officers and thieves. Except here, one encourages the wicked, writes Anupama Chopra.

Special 26  Movie Online For Free And Download

Special 26 is the best Hindi movie I’ve seen this year. Inspired by an actual robbery in 1987, the writer and director Neeraj Pandey constructed an elaborate cat-and-mouse chase between police officers and thieves. Except here, cheer on the bad guys.

Details of the Movie Special 26 Movie

Directed by:Neeraj Pandey

Written by: Neeraj Pandey

Based on:1987 Opera House heist

Produced by: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Shital Bhatia, Kumar Mangat Pathak

Starring: Akshay Kumar,Manoj Bajpayee, Kajal Agarwal,Jimmy Sheirgill,,Anupam Kher,Divya Dutta,Kishor Kadam

Cinematography: Bobby Singh,

Edited By: Shree Narayan Singh

Music By: Original Songs: M. M. Kreem

Guest Composer: Himesh Reshammiya

Background Score: Surinder Sodhi

Production companies: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Friday Filmworks, Wide Frame Pictures

Distributed By: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Release Date: 8 February 2013

Running Time:144 minutes

Country: India


Budget:   ₹390 million

Box office:est. ₹1.26 billion

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More Details about the Movie – Special 26 Movie

More Details about the Movie – Special 26  Movie


In 1987, a stranger walked into a well-known jewelry store in Mumbai and posed as a C.B.I. officer. He fled with jewelry worth lakhs and has never been found.

In Special 26 movie , Neeraj gives us a group of crooks led by Ajay Singh, played by Akshay Kumar. These men are traveling the country carrying out raids on behalf of the C.B.I.

Their victims are inevitably corrupt men with black money who do not dare to press charges formally – the film begins with a very funny raid on a minister, from which the cash drips like rain from a fake ceiling.

The optimistic scenario continues until an honest C.B.I. officer Waseem Khan (played by Manoj Bajpayee), sets out.

The film’s titles contradict the newspaper headlines and create a sense of immediacy and urgency that never fades. Pandey is good at keeping the story going.

The characters are worked out with small details so that Sharmaji, played by Anupam Kher, is an older, lewd man with a long line of young children. When he leaves the house, he affectionately reminds his wife to have his bedroom lock fixed.

Waseem Khan is strict and unyielding in his honesty, while Ajay is a cool operator. The urgency of the film never diminishes.

The action is skillfully kept in motion. The only misnomer is Ajay’s half-baked love story. Silly and redundant, it dilutes the tension and adds little to the story.

Other than that, it’s a sizzling script that the actors bite. Akshay calms down, Anupam is weirdly vulnerable, and Manoj is a ball of rage waiting to unleash.

In some places, the film is trapped by Akshay’s superstar status – he’s best dressed and most heroic in the traditional sense – but most of all, the set’s cast plays together perfectly.

Highlight of Special 26 Movie

Highlight isn’t mandatory, but you won’t mind as Neeraj Pandey delivered a sparkler. Special 26 is remarkable.

Box Office:

Special 26 opened on Thursday morning with 30% occupancy but improved steadily until the evening shows reached 60% due to positive reviews. The film grossed $ 5.75 billion ($ 810,000) on the first day [33] and rose further to $ 23.1 million ($ 3.2 million) over the first weekend. The film grossed around 3.75 crores (the U.S. $ 530,000) on Monday. It grossed around $ 38.7 billion ($ 5.4 million) in the first week.

On his second weekend, he raised a collection of roughly $ 1.99 billion ($ 280,000), bringing his ten-day number to approximately $ 48 billion ($ 6.7 million) ) net. [37] In the second week, the film grossed 17.99 billion yen ($ 2.5 million), bringing its total sales in India to nearly $ 56.7 billion ($ 7.9 million) increased. It eventually grossed approximately $ 65.7 billion ($ 9.2 million), with a sales share of $ 31.8 million ($ 4.5 million) in the domestic market.

Global gross profit for Special 26 is $ 129 billion ($ 18 million).

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Review: Special 26 Movie

Based on actual incidents in the 1980s, a group of four men planned some brilliant flights. They claim to be fake government officials and plan to C.B.I. or income tax raids in various locations in India. And finally, they’re planning one big, big raid, ever, and even for the last time in their life, when the Actual C.B.I. becomes alert of their game, investigates, and follows them.


Meanwhile, at the jewelry store, Khan is informed that the raid on the workshop has been carried out, and all jewelry in the workshop and jewelry that has been moved have been stolen. Khan finds out for himself when he realizes that Ranveer was part of the gang and not an honest cop, and they were put in place from the start. he laughs out loud and applauds the whole flight. Khan later receives a money order of 100 rupees, which Ajay had taken from him with the message that he could not take the truthful merits of an officer. The film ends when Khan learns over the phone that C.B.I. has information on abusers. At the same time, we see Ajay Singh and P.K. Sharma happily enjoying a cricket match at the Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium with his wives Joginder and Iqbal.


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