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kudumbavilakku (trans. “Light of the Family”) is an Indian Malayalam soap opera. Also, the show premiered on the Asianet channel and began airing on Disney+ Hotstar on January 27, 2020. However, Meera Vasudevan stars in the series and is returning to television. After thirteen years.

Also, produced by Chitra Shenoy under Good Company Productions, the series is an official remake of the Bengali TV series Sreemoyee. Besides, which is the story of a hard-working housewife Sumithra (played by Meera Vasudevan), who is not recognized or appreciated by his work. Then she decides to rediscover herself and prove herself.

All About kudumbavilakku

Genre: drama family

Director: Sangeetha Mohan, Anil Baas

Based on:  Sreemoyee

Story: Leena Gangopadhyay

Directed by:  Manju Dharman With Meera Vasudevan, Krishna Kumar Menon

Theme Music Composer: Shyam Dharman

Opening Theme:  “Udayathin Munnpe Nee Pennpoovee”

Composers: Shyam Dharman, Rajeev Attukal, Ramesh Narayan

Country of Origin: India

Original language: Malayalam

Number of seasons: 1

Number of episodes: 637

Executive Producer:  Sanjeev Sajji

Producer: Chitra Shenoy

Cinematography: AV Arun Ravan, Vipin Puthiyankam

Editor: Jishnu S. Kuryathi

Camera Setup: Multi-Camera

Running time: 22 minutes

Production Company: Good Company Productions

Details  Of kudumbavilakku Series Cast


1. Meera Vasudevan

Role: However,  Female lead, Meera Vasudevan as Sumithra. She is an obedient housewife; she always works hard for the family, her grandfather, grandmother, husband, and children. But she doesn’t get the appreciation she deserves.

2. Krishna Kumar Menon

Role: Krishna Kumar Menon played the male lead as Sidharth, aka Siddhu, Sumithra’s ex-husband, marries his colleague Vedika.

3. Athira Madhava

Role: Also, athira Madhav as Dr. Ananya Anirudh, the wife of Sumithra’s eldest son, Anirudh, is always supportive and helpful to her mother-in-law, Sumithra.

4. Nobin Johnny

Role: however, Hobin Johny as Pratheesh Menon, Sumitra’s youngest son, takes care of his mother. He is a singer.

5. Sharanya Anand

Role: Sharanya Anand as Vedika Sambath, Siddhu’s colleague, divorces Sambath and marries Siddhu.


However, the show revolves around a Malayalee housewife, Sumitra Menon, and her family. A devoted housewife, mother, and daughter-in-law. Besides, Sumithra is family-oriented and self-sacrificing. Sumitra is married to Siddharth Menon and has three children.

Also, anirudh Menon, a doctor; Pratheesh Menon, an aspiring musician; and Sheetal Menon, Also, a high school student. They live with Siddharth’s parents, Shivadas and Saraswati.


  • Meera Vasudevan as Sumithra (formerly Menon) – Savithriyama’s daughter; Deepu’s sister; Sidharth’s ex-wife; the mother of Anirudh, Pratheesh, and Sheethal; Business partners and mistresses of Rohit.
  • Also, Krishnakumar Menon as Sidharth “Siddu” Menon – Son of Shivdas and Saraswathiyamma; Sumitra’s ex-husband; Vedika’s second husband; Anirudh, Pratheesh and Sheethal’s father
  • Shwetha Venkat/ Saranya Anand as Vedika Menon, Vasumatiyama’s daughter; Sampath’s ex-wife; Siddhart’s second wife; Neerav’s mother
  • Besides, FJ Tharakan as Shivadas Menon – Saraswathi’s husband; Sidharth and Sharanya’s father; Anirudh, Pratheesh, and Sheethal’s grandfather
  • Devi Menon as Saraswathi Menon, also known as Saraswathiyamma , the wife of Shivdas; Sidharth and Sharanya’s mother; Anirudh, grandmother of Pratheesh and Sheethal
  • Also, Sreejith Vijay/ Anand Narayan as Dr. Anirudh Menon, the eldest son of Sumithra and Sidharth; the brother of Pratheesh and Sheethal; Ananya’s husband
  • Akshaya R. Nair / Athira Madhav / Aswathy Ashas Dr. Ananya Menon, Prema’s daughter; Anirudh’s wife
  • However, Noobin Johnny as Pratheesh Menon


  • Bengali sreemoyee শ্রীময়ী
  • Also, Kannada Inthi Nimma Asha ಇಂತಿನಿಮ್ಮಆಶಾ
  • Marathi Aai Kuthe Kay Card! आई कुठे काय करते!
  • However, Malayalam Kudumbavilakku കുടുംബവിളക്ക്
  • Telugu Intinti Gruhalakshmi ఇంటింటి గృహలక్ష్మి
  • Beisdes, Hindu Anupamaa अनुपमा
  • tamil baakiyalakshmi பாக்யலட்சுமி
  • Hate Shanti ଶାନ୍ତି



However, Kudumbavilakku had a TRP rating of 6.1 million at the end of March 2020. Also, Except for Shivadas, Pratheesh, Sreekumar. Besides, servant Mallika, no one cares about Sumitra’s happiness or feelings. Adding to this misery, Siddharth divorces her and marries Vedhika.

Also, she is Devastated, she first realizes her worth and tries to find herself again. The heart of this telenovela is how she transforms into a headstrong woman and wins her family’s love.


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