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Jilla Telugu Movie Download Filmyzilla Watch Online 720p

Jilla Telugu Movie Download Filmyzilla Watch Online 720p  jilla telugu movie: jilla (Trans. Zilla) is a 2014 Indian Tamil action comedy written and directed by RT Neeson and produced by RB Chowdhury via Super Good Films. The film stars Mohanlal, Vijay, and Kajal Agarwal and is about a gang boss’s clash with his adopted son, a police officer who changes his life. how he deals with the law after a violent incident. The main roles are played by Suri, Mahat, Nivetha Thomas, Sampath Raj and Pradeep Rawat. In this film d. There is an original soundtrack composed by Imman, with camera and editing by Ganesh Rajavelu and Don Max, respectively.

About Movie

Directed: R. T. Neason
Written: R. T. Nesan
Dialogues: N. Baskaran
Producer: R. B. Choudary
Starring: Mohanlal, Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal
Cinematography: Ganesh Rajavelu
Edited: Don Max
Music: D. Imman
Production company: Super Good Films
Distributed: Maxlab Entertainments, Ayngaran International
Release date:10 January 2014
Running time: 178 minutes
Country: India
Language: Tamil
Budget: ₹50 crore
Box office: ₹85 crore

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Story- Jilla Telugu Movie Download Filmyzilla Watch Online 720p

Story- Jilla Telugu Movie Download Filmyzilla Watch Online 720p 

However, sivan (Mohanlal) is a respected Don in the Madurai region. In addition, after his driver is killed in an altercation with a number of enemies, including a rowdy police officer, he mistakes the driver’s son Shakthi (Vijay) for his own. Shakthi grows up with a vengeful hatred of police uniforms and all other khaki clothes. Even towards her future lover (Kajal), who initially hates her but then sees her good side, but when his father wants him to wear the uniform, the tables overthrow Sivan’s illegal work. The crux of the story is how Shakthi treats his father and an unknown abuser.

Moreover, mohanlal is new to Neeson District. In addition, he plays Shiva, a black man (helps the poor with unconstitutional means), or Kettavan (he must be a tyrant by making everyone accountable). And also, this role needs Mohanlal, a good actor with a good presence at The screen shows us how poorly written text prevents the character from laughing.
The plot inevitably has polarities towards the power of Ramesh Sippy (the character of Vijay is also known as Shakti). Firstly, here, the father is the aggressor, the son the unstoppable policeman. Secondly, this kind of setup should be a rock-solid drama. Thirdly, we need situations like the energy that comes out of his father’s house after a conflict of ideologies. But Neeson doesn’t care (Shakti seems to live elsewhere after becoming a cop. He wants to create the Vijay showcase that keeps the actor in his accessible comfort zone.


However, the main attraction of the film is the relationship between the father and his adopted son. The director captured the emotions well and, above all, set up the scenes well before the break. Some twists in the second half raise the film to a reasonable level.
Moreover, mohanlal does a great job and shakes up the movie with a fantastic performance. In addition, its appearance and screen presence adds an extra edge to the process. Vijay also lived up to his role, and his highest performance in Mass Scenes will thrill audiences.
The last half hour before the break is the highlight of the film. Unexpected twists before the climax and the role of Vijay’s police officer keep the audience entertained.


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